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Design Options

Full Design Project

A landscape design plan is what one often imagines when considering a change on their property, but it is not always necessary.  If you have a completely blank slate (new construction) it is an absolute must.  Sometimes there are significant changes or challenges that warrant a full design but at other times these challenges can be resolved in a simpler way such as…

Garden Design

A garden plan is similar to a landscape design but it addresses one specific area at a time. This is our preferred approach when budgets are a concern, because it allows us to prioritize by area.  We also understand that not every yard requires a dramatic change. Having incremental projects allows us the chance to gain familiarity with you and with your property as we progress.

Garden Consultation

This is a catch-all term for a plan that does not involve a drawing, but still requires some written information.  Often, it is a list of recommended plants, stages for redevelopment or both.  

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