Renovate, Build, Install


Budding Artists Ltd. specializes in garden renovation for areas that have become overwhelmed with weeds and/or those overly enthusiastic perennials that have long outgrown their boundaries.  Have you inherited a garden that was once beautiful, but is now slowly becoming less so?  Are you tantalized by beautiful plants at the garden center but regularly disappointed by their performance in your garden? 

Without proper soil preparation and appropriate plant selection, a perennial garden can be lacking in many ways. Each site brings a different challenge.  Like a painting, gardens require consideration about color, form and texture.  But before the “palette” is considered, one must first build the structure. Soil pH, natural moisture, sun and wind exposure, root competition, roving animals… it isn’t hard to see why a garden may become flawed. 

We often refer to the first phase of renovation as “cleaning out the closet”, everything (within reason) must be removed so we can best review and reorganize.  Some overgrown plants can be divided at this time to attain optimal growth.  The cleared site allows the perfect opportunity to efficiently add amendments and work them into all areas of the soil, adding nutrients and improving drainage.  The remaining plants are divided into several possible categories; return to garden, share with friends, take to the dump.  

In the next phase, we generate a list of recommended plants that will complement the salvaged material and will be appropriate for the site according to what we learned in phase one.  All new and old plant material is then relocated into its ideal place for beautiful results!

After Garden Renovation

Before Garden Renovation


We have planted everything from cell packs to balled and burlapped trees.  We’ve slogged stone to create pathways, found the perfect garden art to complete a patio and have pruned trees to look even more beautiful in the winter without the leaves!  Sometimes it feels as though we can do anything with a little teamwork.  And often that team is just the ‘Buds’.  But when the job requires something outside our area of expertise, we have assembled some great contractors with whom to collaborate.  Over the years, we have learned that knowing our contractors is as important as honoring our own abilities and this is key to making every project stronger.  Let us introduce you to the right team for the job.