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Our Vision - Sustainability

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One of the best things about working with nature is that there is always more to learn. Our industry is changing rapidly and the most important thing to consider now is our role in protecting the environment.

There is so much hope to be found in our gardens! Even the simplest effort can make a difference. This is what we build upon every season: the opportunity to make incremental 

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changes that will yield abundance. Removing one invasive plant and replacing it with a native, will provide a nutritious food source for our local insects and wildlife.  

 A window box can be planted with flowers to attract hummingbirds in the summer. Later, it can be filled with berries and seed heads for bluebird visits in the winter. Herbs and milkweed will attract beautiful butterflies to our gardens. Fruit-bearing shrubs and trees will keep songbirds singing along the borders of our property.

There is a balance we can achieve by planting to attract, rather than control, native life. Native plants lure beneficial insects, which will control the population of insects we might otherwise spray. A healthy bird population will keep insects in check elsewhere. Habitat along our property borders can be a chemical-fee home for opossums, so they can eat deer ticks, protecting us and our pets.

Our homes can be a sanctuary for wildlife, as well as for ourselves. And working with nature, rather than fighting it, is more efficient than using chemicals. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by environmental issues, we can do our part and receive a beautiful bounty in return!

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