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More Bud to Bloom

More Bud to Bloom

butterfly on Purple Cone Flower
gray tree frog


Budding Artists mantra is design, renovate, maintain and nurture.


As a predominantly all women crew, we were once unique in the industry, but less so today.  Early on, women in the green industry were mostly found under the ‘Design’ heading. 'Renovation' involved heavy equipment, 'Maintenance' meant running lawn mowers and leaf blowers, both jobs typically left for the men.  


We find that people are looking for something more.  Lawns are being seen as unsustainable.  Renovation now involves preservation of trees along with preservation of topsoil as we have learned the importance of carbon sequestration.


Moreover, others are sharing our philosophy about nurturing our gardens so that our gardens can nurture us. Rather than suggesting the direction a landscape may take, we find that women are now more involved with the mechanics of the industry and directing these new transitions.

Budding Artists has been a proud member of The Design Network since the inception of our business.  Here, we find other women in the industry who offer additional specialties and who share our environmental and educational goals. As we work with one another, we each have so much more to offer. 

peek-a-boo snake in leaves
bird nest with Hydrangea florets
beautiful spider web in sunshine
Hummingbird and Monarda
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