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From Bud To Bloom

The Story of Our Growth

Budding Artists Ltd  began in 2000 with the plan to offer custom gardening services to address the specific needs of each site in which we work.  Way to keep it simple, right?  Over these two decades we have a few stories to tell!  As any Northeast Ohio gardener knows, maintaining a perennial garden is filled with challenges; deer, poison ivy, drainage issues, well-intended spouses with hedge trimmers… you get the idea.


Since our humble beginnings, additional themes have gained importance. Sustainability is a buzzword.  Concern for pollinators rose with our resistance to chemical treatments.  Though continued education was always a part of our mission, it is now a necessity to keep us aware of climate concerns and our role in managing them. 

Our goal is pretty simple.  We stay small.  We limit the amount of new business that we accept each year so as not to compromise our services.   Those clients who have been with us since inception are for a reason.  We strive to remember your favorite colors, whether you love or hate geraniums, the name of your dog… we treat each garden as our own.  We own up to and learn from our mistakes.  

Our Growth
Services We Offer

Services We Offer

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After our first meeting, we will determine the best option for your unique requirements. Not every choice must involve a drawing.


Plants get out of hand, time to renovate! Or do you need an entirely new look? We can put together a team to make it happen!


Do you just want to come home to a beautiful garden and not be bothered with its care? Or perhaps you enjoy working in the garden, but lack the time to keep it ideally maintained? Either way, we’ve got you covered!


It’s not just about a pretty garden, we continually educate ourselves about ways to maintain a healthy environment so that everyone can benefit from it. 

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